‘Together, Riverside and the Garden Village will combine to provide what will effectively be a sustainable new town centre.’


Thank you for registering for this exciting opportunity to deliver a high quality, retail led, mixed use development in Broxbourne to be known as Brookfield Riverside.

Brookfield Riverside is to be part of the overall development of a new centre for the Borough and plans are also well advanced for bringing forward Brookfield Garden Village on a site immediately adjacent and connected to Brookfield Riverside which is anticipated will bring forward at least 1,250 new homes. Together, Riverside and the Garden Village will combine to provide what will be a sustainable new settlement including a new ‘town centre’ which aims to address the underperformance of the area as a retail and leisure destination.

Brookfield is situated approximately 15 miles from central London and access to the site will be directly from the A10 at the Turnford interchange which is approximately 3 miles from junction 25 of the M25. Cheshunt and Broxbourne railway stations provide a direct link to Liverpool Street Station with journey times of around 25 minutes and are planned to be Crossrail 2 stations.

Hertfordshire County Council and the Borough of Broxbourne (the Councils) have formed a joint working relationship to bring forward this opportunity on land which is predominantly owned by both Councils. A number of third party land owners are also actively engaged, partly via landowners’ agreements and if necessary Broxbourne has resolved to use its compulsory purchase powers.

Broxbourne’s draft Local Plan puts Brookfield at the heart of its strategy to strengthen the identity of the Borough and the local economy through the provision of comprehensive retail, leisure, commercial and civic facilities for current and future residents. The plans have support from not only the Councils but the Hertfordshire LEP.

The first phase of Brookfield Riverside will comprise a retail & leisure-led development providing the necessary infrastructure to support future phases of Brookfield Riverside as well as the Garden Village.

Broxbourne is also in negotiations with Crossrail 2 which has its northern terminus planned at Broxbourne Station. Feasibility studies are underway to provide a new station at Turnford which would connect directly to the new town centre with a bus link being only 1km away.

The Councils have entered into a collaboration agreement for the overall development and have established a joint project board. This is led by Jeff Stack, the Chief Executive for the Borough of Broxbourne and both Councils are fully committed to bringing this opportunity forward.

We look forward to receiving bids and enquiries from yourselves in relation to this exciting opportunity.