The Brookfield Riverside site and an associated opportunity area are outlined. Alongside this, the existing Brookfield Shopping Park and Brookfield Centre are outlined. The masterplan area for Brookfield Riverside is shaded red.

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Brookfield Riverside Development SiteLand to the north of Turnford roundaboutGolf Course LandBrookfield Shopping Park owned by Brookfield Property Unit TrustBrookfield Centre owned by Tesco and MS


Land to the north of Turnford roundabout

This land is highlighted as part of the Brookfield Riverside masterplan area and as a potential relocation site for the Borough of Broxbourne depot and Hertfordshire County Council’s household waste recycling centre which are currently situated on the land to the south of the new river. It is owned by the Harvey Family.

Brookfield Riverside Development Site

The site to the south of New River is owned by the Councils and extends to circa 21 acres. The site to the north of New River is owned by the Harvey Family, extends to circa 23 acres and is subject to an Option Agreement to Bayfordbury Estates Ltd.

The area south and immediately north of the New River is envisaged to be the core development site for a retail and leisure-led first phase of Brookfield Riverside. It will be for potential development / investment partners to determine the extent of the land, if any, required north of the New River.

The opportunity area is extensive and ensures that the Councils’ requirement for a comprehensive redevelopment of quality, scale and critical mass, in line with the draft Local Plan aspirations can be met.

The Councils are in discussion with both parties regarding the land to the north of New River to agree terms for the inclusion of as much of this land as may be required for the retail and leisure-led first phase of Brookfield Riverside and for the required highway infrastructure.

The infrastructure is jointly required for the Garden Village residential site, which is already subject to a formal agreement between the Councils and the Harvey family.

Brookfield Centre owned by Tesco and M&S

Golf Course Land

The land to the west, across the New River, is part of a Borough of Broxbourne owned golf course. This area has been highlighted as an opportunity area to illustrate the potential incorporation of part or all of this land into any development concept coming forward, provided this is beneficial to the Borough.

The New River

The New River and it’s adjacent path are owned by Thames Water.

Brookfield Shopping Park owned by Brookfield Property Unit Trust and managed by JP Morgan